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Personalizing your Healthcare Website can Improve Patient Satisfaction

Personalizing your Healthcare Website can Improve Patient Satisfaction

Personalization has been noted to result in higher revenue, lower acquisition costs, and higher satisfaction levels. But despite these powerful benefits, many healthcare companies are still not making their websites personalized.

Personalizing your Healthcare Website can Improve Patient Satisfaction


The healthcare industry is undergoing massive changes today. The rapid digitization that the world has experienced during the past few years has been accelerated by the pandemic. The pandemic’s unique challenges forced healthcare companies to adapt to digitization.

The importance of digital presence was already high for healthcare companies before the pandemic. With 9 out of 10 US adults searching for medical information online and nearly over 3/4ths of patients searching online before making a visit, digital presence is critical for the success of healthcare businesses.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is an important metric to keep in mind for any healthcare provider. Patient satisfaction is closely related to the overall success and strength of a healthcare business. High patient satisfaction leads to higher reimbursements, better patient loyalty, easier patient acquisition, and drives growth for the healthcare business.

Anyone who is a part of hospital management knows that patient satisfaction levels cannot be ignored if one is aiming to improve the long-term success of a healthcare business. In fact, satisfaction levels are only going to gain more importance in terms of government subsidies and other reimbursements.

So it goes without saying that hospital management should be exploring each and every way that they can reasonably deliver better patient experiences and drive towards higher patient experiences.

Yet despite this realization, many healthcare businesses are overlooking key areas that can drive higher patient experiences.



Personalization is another big change that is happening in the healthcare industry that showcases how healthcare companies are moving towards a ‘patient-centric’ focus instead of a ‘disease-focused’ approach. Hospitals are using data-driven approaches to help personalize healthcare for each patient.

This approach reduces hospital readmission rates, increases patient treatment outcomes, and delivers better patient experiences to patients. As a result of recognizing that each patient is a customer and has their own expectations, hospitals are able to better align experiences.

But when it comes to healthcare websites, personalizations seem conspicuously missing. Choose any healthcare company at random and visit their website, the odds are that you will not find a personalized experience.

Many healthcare businesses don’t recognize that their websites are their personal branding on the internet and often the first interaction that patients have with their organization. Not personalizing the website leads to lower conversion rates and unrealized losses in terms of lack of patient experience improvement.

If your healthcare company provides services related to cosmetic surgery, it would be foolish to assume that all the visitors to your website will have the same requirements, needs, or interests. Website personalization allows you to use data and analytics to display dynamic versions of your website to visitors based on their particular personal profiles.

This allows you to showcase the content of your website that will be the most relevant and valuable for those visitors immediately at the front. This makes it easier to engage the visitors and results in much higher conversion rates.

Research from McKinsey consulting has shown that personalization has the potential to boost revenue by as much as 15% and reduces acquisition costs by as much as half. For the healthcare industry, these benefits will be even more pronounced.

Using machine learning and data analytics to predict the needs of the patients is one emerging use case of cutting-edge technology. Patient portals, the addition of valuable services, inclusive content, and having a user-friendly website are some of the ways that healthcare companies can personalize their websites for patients and visitors.

To make a dynamic and truly personalized website, hospitals can take the help of agencies that offer healthcare digital marketing services instead of dedicating their own costly resources to the process.


The medical industry has mostly understood the importance of personalization when it comes to delivering better outcomes and experiences to patients. But despite this fact, many healthcare organizations still neglect to personalize their own websites and digital presence.

As the healthcare industry slowly wakes up to the power and importance of digital presence, major players are already realizing the importance of digital personalization.

By choosing not to, or by not recognizing the importance of personalized websites, your healthcare business is losing out on the unrealized potential of improving patient satisfaction.

Contact BraveLabs, the full-service healthcare digital agency, to learn how you can implement website personalization for your healthcare company today.

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