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Email marketing best practices for doctors and clinics

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools available to anyone today. From easy access to high returns, not using email marketing can set your business back, especially if the competition is using it.


Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help you reach the right audience, provide the right information to them, and generate leads. Email marketing for doctors is one of the best ways for healthcare professionals to build audiences and start leveraging those audiences into growing their practice or hospital.

If you’re thinking about email marketing for your healthcare business, there are a few things you need to understand before diving in. Email marketing allows you to reach people where they are. You can use this method of communication with patients and clients who have already expressed interest in your brand or products, as well as those who may not have heard of your business yet but are seeking out new healthcare options.

It’s easy to send out newsletters and other communications through email marketing, which means that it’s easy to keep people informed about what’s happening in the world of healthcare—and why you’re the best option for them! Email campaigns are scalable and flexible—and because they’re all about reaching specific audiences with timely updates relevant to their interests (and no more), you can scale up or down as needed depending on how much traffic you’re getting from each campaign or how many leads are generated from each email sent out via email marketing.

Email marketing is an important part of your business. It can generate leads, increase revenue and brand awareness, and build relationships with current customers. But it doesn’t happen by accident; there are many steps involved in creating effective and successful email campaigns. In this article, we’ll cover some best practices for doctors and clinics that will help you build a strong foundation for future newsletters and emails.

Don’t send too frequently

The best way to send emails is to keep it simple. Don’t send a lot of emails all at once and then stop sending for a while. Instead, get the word out in small doses over time; this will help your recipients feel more confident about opening their inboxes again after you’ve been absent from them for a while (and also keep them from getting annoyed).

The frequency with which you send is another factor that can affect how well your brand performs on social media. If someone has ignored an email from you because they weren’t interested in what was being said or couldn’t find anything interesting enough in it, then sending another one right away might make them think twice about opening up those messages again—not only does this waste valuable bandwidth on both sides but also makes the recipient feel like some sort of pestilence has invaded their lives!

Use a professional email address

When you’re sending emails to your existing patients, it’s important that they can easily identify you as the sender and know what to expect from their appointment. This means using an email address that’s easy to read and recognize at a glance. Using your name or a variation of it will help people remember who they’ve been talking with while avoiding generic names like “info@”, “admin@”, or “support@”.

If you don’t take the time to craft a professional-looking email address, then your recipient may feel like they’re receiving an automated response from someone who doesn’t know them or their company (i.e., an impersonal cold email). In addition to making the recipient feel unwelcome, this can also make them less likely to open and read your email in the first place, which leads to decreased effectiveness and impact on your brand’s reputation overall.

Practice good list hygiene

Clean your lists regularly. Every few months, clean your list by removing inactive subscribers and unsubscribes. You can do this manually or with a tool like Gmail Merge or the email service provider’s Mailchimp list cleaning tool.

Remove bounced emails that were sent to the wrong email address (or ones that didn’t go through at all). If someone bounces back after trying to send you an email, don’t let them sit on your list—get rid of them!

Clean your bounce and opt-out lists regularly. The best way to do this is by going through each email address on your list and removing any addresses that are no longer valid or have opted out of your emails (or bounced). If you find an address that hasn’t been used in a year, remove it from the list so you don’t end up with a massive list of inactive users who are unlikely to respond or buy anything from you.

Don’t send to unengaged recipients

It is important to understand that unengaged recipients are people who have not opened your emails. They may be in the process of unsubscribing from your list or they may simply dislike the subject line, but either way, it’s a good idea to avoid sending to these individuals.

It’s also worth noting that many email services will mark messages as spam if they do not meet certain criteria (for example, if there was no opt-in confirmation). Suppose you’re using an automated service like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. In that case, this could happen automatically based on how often someone opens an email from them—which means even though you’ve sent an important message and provided links within it for more information about services offered by your company/clinic/doctor group, etc., these subscribers might still mark those messages as spam!

Only send to individuals who have asked for your newsletter or emails

Only send to individuals who have asked for your newsletter or emails. Don’t send emails to people who haven’t asked for your newsletters. Your customers should be able to find out about your services by searching Google, so don’t make it difficult for them!

If a doctor or clinic sends an email newsletter every month, they should make sure that they only include messages relevant to those who have requested them in the past (and not everyone).

Offer an incentive

Offer a free webinar or download of your eBook, and then offer a discount on the product or service if they sign up now. You could also give them access to a video training series that teaches how to use your software product, or perhaps offer them a consultation with one of your doctors in exchange for their email address.

Don’t forget the footer

Your footer is the last thing your readers see before they leave your site, so it should include all of the information that you would want to be seen by potential patients. This includes:

•  Your contact information (email, phone number)
•  A link to unsubscribe from future emails
•  A link to your privacy policy


Good email marketing campaigns take effort but can be rewarding! Good email marketing campaigns take effort. The reward comes from increased customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction. Rewards can be in the form of increased customer retention or just more awareness about your brand.

Remember that the most important thing is to make sure you’re sending emails that will be read. That means keeping it short, sweet, and simple. Don’t send too frequently, use a professional email address and practice good list hygiene. If you want your message to be read by more people than just your existing patients/clients, then consider offering an incentive like a free session or consultation as part of your campaign’s strategy.

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