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Inspire Trust, and Professionalism with Beautifully Designed Healthcare Websites & App’s

Transform Your Healthcare Business into a Brand

Purpose-Built Websites & APP’s to
Create Experiences and Drive Results

We dive deep into understanding your goals. Our purpose- driven design and development will help ensure that your patient acquisition and business growth ambitions are fulfilled.

Empowering Healthcare
Professionals & Business Owners

Whether you are an independent practitioner or a business owner, BraveLabs will help you develop an online presence without you having to spend countless hours trying to build your website.

Beautiful & Accessible Design

It is crucial that your website is getting in front of as many patients and potential customers as possible. BraveLabs design team ensures that not only does your website look beautiful, but also is super easy to navigate and hold attention of the viewer.

Fast is a Must!

Poor loading speed of your website can literally kill your business. There’s too much at stake. All your hard work will be down the drain if your web pages take long to load.

Many times slow loading speed is due to poor practices, such as bloated code, unnecessary scripts and plugins, non-optimised images etc. BraveLabs will work towards, have your site load up lightning fast.

Device Optimised

BraveLabs provides features that are specifically designed for healthcare use.Not only are the websites custom designed, each of them is mobile-responsive. So no matter which device your patients are on, they can easily navigate your website.

Maintain HIPAA Compliance

While not all healthcare websites need to be HIPAA compliant, if you need to store or transmit patient health information, you must follow the HIPAA guidelines.

BraveLabs will build out a fully HIPAA compliant website with encryption for all information that’s stored or communicated.

Be Found with SEO

Using the most up-to-date techniques BraveLabs makes sure that your website ranks at the top for the keywords that are apt for your speciality.

Our objective is to ensure that you dramatic increase of traffic to your website and therefore generate more leads for your business.

Healthcare Websites & Apps with
Awesome Features

Online Appointments 24/7

Your patients can now schedule an appointment from the comfort of their home or on the go.

Online Payments

Based on their preference, your patients can now choose to pay online. We can integrate any payment gateway that your business would like to have

Patient Management

Patients can create an account by signing up. Additionally store and access their data by simply creating a verified account online.

Services & Pricing

You can create detailed and informative content for all services and consultations that you provide. Add images, descriptions, pricing, timings etc.

Chat & Community Forum

A secure and fast messenger that allows patients to get in touch with your staff or with the doctors that they have booked appointments with. Patients can create community forums for further engagement.

Patient Review & Feedback

An easy review management system for patients to rate their experience with doctors and provide feedback about their treatment journey.

Website & App Additional Features List

  • Customized Design
  • Built-In SEO Indexing
  • Unlimited Web Pages
  • SEO Master Tool for Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Hosted on HIPAA-Compliant Servers
  • Online Scheduling with SecureForms
  • SSL Certification
  • Linking to EHR Patient Portal
  • Website Analytic Reports
  • Patient Education Pages
  • Mobile Website Optimization for Smartphones

Let us show you how BraveLabs can help you transform your business.

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Schedule Your Call with Our Experts Now!

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We are driven to action. Let's start walking together and discover.

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