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Struggling with the stiff competition on Google? Challenged with the unpredictability of regular search algorithm updates? Not sure on how to navigate the healthcare search regulations?

Stay Smart. Stand Out.

Customized pay-per-click (PPC) Services from BraveLabs. Helping you leverage paid media and win

7% of daily Google searches are health- related

Be on Top!

The objective is to get your business to the top of the search engine results. Outrank your competitors so that your customers and patients find you first and fast. In order to get to the top for some of the competitive keyword categories, paid media helps you to win quickly.

Sharp Targeting

Search engine marketing from BraveLabs helps you to target your audience very sharply. Based on the criteria, the marketing campaigns are programmed such that the ads with the right message are shown to the right audience at the right time and place.

Control your Spend

At BraveLabs, we believe that every penny spent on marketing must deliver a return on investment. With PPC you get to control how much money you spend for driving traffic to your website and generating leads. You pay for only when someone clicks on your ad, therefore giving you total control of your budget.

PPC from BraveLabs Will Help You Achieve!

With paid media, BraveLabs will help you achieve immediate results. Our service will empower you to target the exact audience in the exact way you want to

Gain Advantage

Higher Website Traffic Volume
More appointment bookings
Increased Awareness of your Brand
Higher Patient Retention

Increased patient demand
Higher patient inflow
Improved Patient Outcomes Improved
Revenue & Profits

The BraveLabs Process


We perform an exhaustive research to understand your market and the search engines demand for your services / products

  • Complete Customer & Persona Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Analysis


Data drives results is our belief. Using data we build out a demand-based plan for garnering maximum visibility for your brand on the search engines.

  • Sitemap
  • Keyword Intent Mar
  • Content
  • Templates

Website Audit

Before we begin any SEO activity, we initiate a rigorous website audit. This includes website speed, usability, competitor research, relevancy of content, keyword density and more.

  • Content Architecture
  • Content Segmentation
  • Keyword Density

Content Creation

SEO feeds on content, therefore high quality content creation and publishing regularly across channels is key for being found through search.

  • Topic Development
  • Article Creation
  • Contextualizing Content
  • Publishing Content

On-Page Optimization

Using best practices, a thorough and up-to-date medical research is conducted

Keyword Gap Analysis

Our content is written to ensure that it is user-friendly yet, authoritative.

Off-Page Optimization

Once content is generated all our content is reviewed and verified by qualified medical experts

Our Assurance

Our proprietary marketing framework will optimise campaigns and drive high value patients for your services

Yes, we help you spend less per conversion. For every dollar spent you will see higher returns being generated.

From increasing traffic to your website to you receiving higher number of appointment bookings to being able to retain patients, you will get to not just generate more business but also grow your brand and reputation.

BraveLabs your Digital Partner Unlock your Growth & Thrive

With a deep understanding of the industry and a collective subject matter expertise of over 50 years, we have been a trusted partner for many clients and we look forward to being you on-board with you and help your practice and business thrive.

Let us show you how BraveLabs can help you transform your business.

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Together we will create a specific roadmap that will help accomplish your goals in the shortest possible timeframe.

Get Results

Overcome all your marketing challenges and see your business flourish.



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Schedule Your Call with Our Experts Now!

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We are driven to action. Let's start walking together and discover.

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