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The Big Shift

Data Driven Content + Personalized Content

Engaging today's healthcare consumers needs fundamental shifts in the way content is planned, created and distributed.


Healthcare Content Strategy

While brand awareness and engagement are the primary drivers for content marketing efforts, financial ROI must be a high priority. A good content strategy will not only support brand awareness but will deliver on financial goals as well.


Patient Persona and Information Journey Plan

Every healthcare consumer consumes content differently. Content must be personalized to match the buyer's persona. Persona driven content marketing will help healthcare organizations to build deeper and lasting relationships with patients.


Create! Get Creative

Once the content marketing goals have been clarified based on the persona, we must ensure that the content is creative and informative so we can move the prospect through the various stages of the marketing funnel.


SEO Content. The Fuel

SEO is the crucial driver for content to reach the right audiences. Researching, identifying the right keywords and making use of them in the content creation process will yield great results for the brand.

Our Content Marketing Process


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Our Process

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