Customized SEO & PPC Services from BraveLabs. Empowering you to be found first!

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Customized SEO & PPC Services from BraveLabs. Empowering you to be found first!

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BraveLabs. SEO Done Right!

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SEO is not magic. It takes a deep understanding and a skill-set to rank on a Google page. From on-site to off-site, from title tags to meta-descriptions, our SEO team uses rigorous methodologies of SEO and content creation to ensure that we help you improve your ranking fast.

Content is Critical

At BraveLabs, we believe that no amount of spending can help you rank unless unique content is generated. This helps healthcare and Pharma brands to showcase expertise, build trust and become authoritative for their particular service or product.

SEO Takes Time. We Need Traffic Now!

Move FAST with PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Boost Visibility

For success in healthcare marketing a comprehensive approach is a must. One cannot rely only on SEO to grow your business. At BraveLabs we believe pay per click (PPC) ads is a great vehicle for healthcare and Pharma brands to create viability and grow fast to achieve business objectives.

Show Me the Money!

The beauty of PPC advertising is that it helps you know in real-time about how your ads are performing. At BraveLabs we are notorious for testing multiple variations of each Ad to ensure that our clients are getting the biggest bang for every penny spent. During and after a campaign, a detailed analytics report is shared with the clients to ensure that there is absolute transparency in the process.

Our Specialized SEO Process


In order to help you achieve your goals. We start with meticulous planning


We perform an exhaustive research to understand your market and the search engines demand for your services / products

  • Complete Customer & Persona Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Analysis


Data drives results is our belief. Using data we build out a demand-based plan for garnering maximum visibility for your brand on the search engines.

  • Sitemap
  • Keyword Intent Mar
  • Content
  • Templates

Website Audit

Before we begin any SEO activity, we initiate a rigorous website audit. This includes website speed, usability, competitor research, relevancy of content, keyword density and more.

  • Content Architecture
  • Content Segmentation
  • Keyword Density

Content Creation

SEO feeds on content, therefore high quality content creation and publishing regularly across channels is key for being found through search.

  • Topic Development
  • Article Creation
  • Contextualizing Content
  • Publishing Content

On-Page Optimization

Using best practices, a thorough and up-to-date medical research is conducted

Keyword Gap Analysis

Our content is written to ensure that it is user-friendly yet, authoritative.

Off-Page Optimization

Once content is generated all our content is reviewed and verified by qualified medical experts

Making Your Money Sweat!
A Proprietary PPC Process that Converts

At BraveLabs we drive everything based on your goals and objectives.
We believe Pay-Per-Click is critical for a faster overall growth and success of your business.


In order to maximize ROI on your marketing budget, we have developed a proprietary
PPC strategy that is custom tailored to suit your business needs.

BraveLabs offers full service SEO & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) including PPC services.

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We are driven to action. Let's start walking together and discover.

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